1 – Which products will be used / recommended for cleaning?

*Supplies provided by costumer:

We will need the following products to do a good job in your home.

– Clorox spray (Bleach)

– Windex

– Something to smell ( we usually use fabuloso)

– Detergent

– Comet

– Wood floor : Bona or Murphy (if you have pets)

– Rags

– Paper towel

2 – Why should I have my own rags?

All homes have their own rags. We do not recommend using rags from one house to another.

We value hygiene and care for our customers.

We will leave the dirty rags in the laundry room after each cleaning.

3 – What services will be done for each cleaning?

*Services included:

– Blinds

– Baseboards

– Vents

– Fans

– Doors

– Cobwebs

– Change the sheets (leave them on the bed)

– Dusting

– Vacuum Cleaner

– Mop

4 – What extra services are available?

Whenever you need extra service, let us know before the cleaning day to find out how much longer we will need in your home. Extra services will be additional $20 each.

– Oven

– Freezer

– FirePlace

– Sun Room

5 – When and how should I cancel the cleaning?

We understand that life happens; if you need to cancel a cleaning for any reason, please call as soon as possible to reschedule .We will try our best to accommodate you that same week or you may chose to return to the normal schedule the following week.

We value our customers and will do our best to fulfill the agreement.

We appreciate your preference and trust.

Thank you,

Pilson’s Cleaning Team.